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I have two Instagram accounts - @TheCrimsonKiss and @SisGetYourIshTogether.

I never send DM's offering a reading or asking for money, nor do I randomly follow folks. I am aware of the fake pages impersonating me, however there is nothing I can do about them. Please simply report then block them.

Also note that I do not answer DM's at all - this is a boundary of mine that protects me from being emotionally dumped on without my consent.


The only way to contact me is through the "Contact Cici.B" button above. Thank you! 


about B

13x Author, Accountability Coach, host of the Sis, Get Your Ish Together Podcast, and Internet Big Sis from Montreal, Canada. 

From relationships and heartbreaks, to self-love journeys and growth, I'm notoriously known in these author streets for writing incredibly raw, vulnerable and vivid stories based on my own personal experiences with it all. Sometimes just knowing that another woman has been where you are, and made it through, can make all of the difference in the world... and that's why I write so openly about my own life.

My motto is, "Own your truths and set yourself free" - I hope that my books inspire you to do exactly that.

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