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Heartache,pain,and purpose

"Yaaaas. Got my heart broken today!" - said literally no woman ever.

Heartbreaks are messy, painful, can be traumatizing AF, and shatter us into a million pieces often leaving us to feel angry, defeated, confused, lost - and let's be honest - a lot of us have tried our best to push those feelings aside by using things or people to distract us.

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breakdownsand breakthroughs

But the things and people we use to distract us only work for so long before all the feelings we tried to run from catch up to us, and when they do...we breakdown.

When that breakdown happens we can do one of two things:

1. Allow it to consume us then beome our identity.

2. Use it to become an alchemist.


When we go with the second option, we are deciding to transform our pain into purpose, allowing our breakdown to gift us our biggest breakthroughs.

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Heartache, Pain, and Purpose is an intense two day workshop with your girls - therapist, Imani Tutt, and accountability coach, Cici.B. In this workshop we will bring you through the process of healing, and show you how to find yourself and purpose in it. 

Heartbreaks can only define us with our permission, and when we choose to avoid, suppress, or use unhealthy coping mechanisms...that's us giving our permission. 

That said, if you're ready to be an alchemist in your life, we're ready to walk you through the proccess. 


This workshop is 600USD, is two days - May 14th and 15th - and is four hours each day. The workshop will be an intimate one, therefore only 20 seats are available

Click the button below to reserve your seat and we'll see you then! xo 

Imani Tutt and Cici.B

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