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Hey, Boo, heeey!

The Crimsonettes is a monthly subscription based membership that is for women who are genuinely interested in learning, growing, and elevating.


Everyone is in different stages of their healing and self-love journey, and in a community of TROLL-FREE, like-minded women, it makes it that much easier to feel safe being vulnerable, sharing true feelings and thoughts on an array of different topics that are discussed together during our IG lives.


From boundaries, to dating, to personal accountability, to spirituality, to divine femininity - we spend time diving deep - and as your community coach, I walk you through how to slowly unlearn the behaviours and thoughts that do not serve the version of yourself that you want to step into, and how to replace them with behaviours and thoughts that will.

The Crimsonettes membership is 20USD per month, and includes:

  • New weekly podcast episodes that get sent directly to your email (I no longer upload episodes to Spotify, or any other platform - the membership is now the ONLY place to get new episodes).


  • Regular IG Lives (five days a week) that are saved to the IG page afterwards - we vote on a topic each week and spend some time unpacking, discussing, learning and working).


  • Self-care exercises and daily journal prompts.

Join the squad!

If you would like to subscribe, please send a follow request to @TheCrimsonettes IG page, along with a DM that says, "I'd like to subscribe".

*Please note that if you do not send the DM, your follow request will be denied.*


Much love, and see you over there!


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