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Cici. B's debut novel, Letters To My Ex, is a collection of letters written to a past love over a three year period of time that was never sent to him---but they are far from your typical love letters. If you are looking for a politically correct story, one with words that float on sugar-coated clouds as the sun sets, this story isn't for you. Heartbroken and confused, Cici. B pours her unfiltered emotions onto the pages.

This isn't a "light read" or a "how to guide".

It is raw, vulnerable and vivid. These letters tell the story of a woman who gave her all to a man, was broken, her journey of discovery, and self-healing. This book is for all of the women who have given their everything to the wrong man, because sometimes, just knowing that someone has experienced and survived the same pain as you, can make all the difference in the world.


You just don’t get what you’ve done, and I hate you for that.

In the beginning, you added to my happiness.

You were a plus in my life and had me on cloud one hundred and twenty.

But now I’m sitting here, alone, and completely demolished at ground fucking zero.

Fuck you.

I just want to know how you did it?

How were you able to live such an epic double life? Because listen, to pull off what you pulled off is epic. It truly is.

It’s the shit you see in the movies type of epic.

So how did you do it?

Why did you do it?

I loved you in the realest way and it repulses me to think that I still love you because you can’t just turn love off like a fucking light switch unfortunately FOR FUCKING ME.


I just don’t get it.


I thought that I was doing everything right. WASN’T I DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT?

I was supportive, I listened to you, I represented you well, I catered to you.




But you still cheated.

Letters to My Ex


Hey, boo! My E-Books are priced in USD and are PDF versions that are sent to your email address. From your email, you can download them to your phone, tablet, or laptop. Once downloaded, if you intend to keep your E-books and/or audiobooks, you must save them to your chosen device - this is also written out clearly in the terms and conditions on the checkout page, so kindly read it thoroughly to avoid any misunderstandings. 

The link for the paperback version will take you to Amazon U.S.

If you live elsewhere in the world (Canada, the U.K, etc.) simply head to your countries Amazon. Much love, and happy reading. xo

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