The Story Behind The Move


Social media, more specifically, Instagram, has been something that I've been tired of for a long, long time now. While I'm incredibly grateful for my author career that Instagram allowed me to build on its platform, between the droves of constant trolling, insane sense of entitlement from humans, the daily blatant disrespect, and not to mention Instagram itself doing literally everything to make shit harder and harder for content creators across the platform... I just can't anymore.


Everyone speaks about how important their mental health is, but forget that the mental health of content creators matter, too... and mine was beginning to unravel. I notice myself starting to get these crippling jolts of anxiety whenever I sat down to write, deleting paragraphs from books I was in the middle of writing thinking, "I can't say that in my book, Instagram folks will rain a hell-storm." Imagine, it's my book, with a story about my real life written in my fucking voice, and I was deleting shit. Traumatized much, B? I've been writing since I was five years old; it's been my therapy, my escape, my place to unpack, my place to learn, my home... writing has been my home my entire life, and I'm not about to let the shittyness that occupies Instagram take that away from me, or the women who find their own therapy, escape and lessons through my stories. Absolutely fucking not. And so, it's time for me to spread my wings and make some other moves - after all, that is what evolution is all about. 


I've created my own platform which will host all of my new content moving forward. From podcast episodeswritten posts, journal prompts, a library of mini pep-talks (audio), to my newest addition, Ask B - which is an advice column I'll be doing twice a week - it's all going on behind a paywall of 11.11 per month. I've learned through being a part of other peoples memberships that paywalls really eliminate a lot of the fuckery that happens on Instagram. There's no trolling, people are there because they thoroughly enjoy the content, and the audience is mature. 

I'll still be present on my Instagram for now, recycling past content and book excerpts, but nowhere near as often as I used to be, and I'll still post upcoming book releases there as well. But, like I said, all my new daily content is going on the members only blog. 

So, now that you know why I'm making this move and what's behind that paywall, if you would like to join the membership, you can sign up at

And even if you don't sign up, if nothing else, I hope that you take this with you:

Always do what's best for you and never be afraid to bet on yourself. When you need change, honour that need and go make shit happen. There will be people who will go against you, and even be upset because you've outgrown certain places and don't want to stay in them anymore - oh fucking well. Evolution is a real thing, and if you don't listen to your spirit when it tells you its time, you'll be miserable - just like the people who stay ignoring their own spirits, and as a result, keep getting left behind. I know so many women who have posted, "Know your worth, then add tax", but then get shocked when they come across a woman who actually walks it like she posts about it in real life.


So, sis... know your worth, then always add the tax for real

Much love,