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When you think of self-care, like so many others, you might think only about the things that bring you instant gratification - buying that cute little bag you've had your eye on for months, eating the pizza you've been craving, taking a long bath, getting your feet done - but what about all the things that will serve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health in the long run? Learning how to start your healing, how to communicate better with yourself and others, how to do your shadow work, how to build, re-build, or better the relationship with yourself, how to raise your self-esteem, how to deal with rejection - all of these things, and more, are not just also part of self-care, they're the most important part of self-care.

If you've ever been an any of my daily IG Lives over the past three years, you know how I rock out. I'm all about helping women in the areas that I've been through/put myself through, and got through, by combining my gift of storytelling with expanding on the steps I took, things I had to face, and lessons I had to learn in order to get through them. Healing is a journey... and you can't rush through it. 

That said, I'm moving my IG Lives to a safe, troll-free space, by turning them into Self-Care Saturday Nights.

Every week will be a new a new topic, and I also have some amazing guests lined up to join every now and then. Instead of having a girls night on the town every Saturday, gather them up and join me on the other side of self-care. Seats are 22USD, click on the photo below to grab your spot and I'll see ya soon! xo

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