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When you think of self-care, like so many others, you might think only about the things that bring you instant gratification - buying that cute little bag you've had your eye on for months, eating the pizza you've been craving, taking a long bath, getting your feet done - but what about all the things that will serve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health in the long run?


Learning how to better the quality of your life is the most important part of self-care.

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If you've ever been an any of my daily IG Lives over the past three years, you know how I rock out. I'm all about helping women in the areas that I've been through/put myself through, and got through, by combining my gift of storytelling with expanding on the steps I took, things I had to face, and lessons I had to learn in order to get through them.

Healing, learning, unlearning - all of it is a journey with so many lessons along the way.

Self-Care Saturday Nights is a group class that I do once a month (sometimes twice a month). It's a safe space, and there is zero disrespect because there ain't no trolls. We learn, share, ask questions, crack a few jokes ('cause I got jokes lol), and women feel seen, heard, then inspired to do whatever they realize they need to do for themselves and their lives.

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Hop in my Sis, Get Your Ish Together Membership to get access all upcoming and previous classes 

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