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Want to pick my brain or get some advice?

Here are the subjects you can call in about: 

  • Dating and Relationships

  • Writing and Self-Publishing a Book

  • Marketing on Social Media

  • Self-Love and Spiritual Journeys

  • Inner Work

NOTE: I do not do baby daddy/mama related subject matter as I don't have any children, therefore have no experience in the matter. Please only book a call if it pertains to one of the subjects listed above.

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Consultation Calls are for those who are interested in the one on one, eight week, No More Toxic Relationships accountability coaching program. 

You must book a consultation call before you can sign on for that program. It's important to make sure that both myself and the program are a good fit for you. You can scroll down to see the modules of that program, then come back here to book your consultation call. xo! 

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For those who prefer private accountability coaching, This is the one on one version of my No More Toxic Relationships group coaching class.
This is an eight week long program with eight modules:

1. Healing
2. Triggers and Shadow Work
3. Ego and Intuition
4. Self-Esteem and Boundaries
5. Accountability
6. Attachment Styles
7. Navigating Dating and Relationships
8. Self-love, Self-care, Reflections

Prior to booking this, you MUST scroll up and book a consultation call.

(If you are already part of my membership, you have access to a $100 discount for this program).

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These readings are for SHADOW WORK ONLY.

Shadow Readings are to help guide you back to yourself; to help shine a light on and confirm the things, feelings, or areas within that you have been either ignoring, suppressing, or rejecting and need to work on/through - (SHADOW WORK).

Do NOT book a Shadow Reading if you want to know when your ex is coming back, if the man you're with is your twin flame, predictions for your love life, etc. 

This is NOT a love or future predictions reading. 

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