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While social media platforms like IG and Twitter have their benefits, I've always believed that private spaces like memberships, or what I Iike to call, "Grown Folks Tables" and "Secret Societies" - are really important for women to get into because there are just some things that shouldn't be discussed openly on social media. Why?

Because as my good friend, Imani says, "Social media is not a safe space.

Bad-minded men read our posts and watch our reels on those platfroms, too, and if we're openly discussing all of our healing, dating, boundary, shadow work, love bombing and relationship tips, exercises, and lessons - guess who else is taking notes, and not in a good way? The bad minded-men. Also, women trolls exist, too - let's not pretend that isn't a thing.


Soooo, the Sis, Get Your Ish Together Membership is our grown folks table, our secret society.

We've all been through some ish, put ourselves through some ish, and sometimes just knowing that other women have been where we are and found their light, can really help us through our journey - whether that journey is healing, accountability, inner work, self-love, dating - and/or everything in between. 

Mix that with some zodiac love, full moon rituals, and some Tarot readings - sis, we lit in here :) 

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In the membership we've got: 

  • Monthly Group Class - Self-Care Saturday Nights - (all things dating, relationships, inner/shadow work, healing related). Classes are recorded, and playbacks are uploaded into the membership to enjoy whenever you'd like.

  • Current classes uploaded: Working Through Codependency, Understanding Trauma Bonding, Shadow Work 101, Soulmates, Twin Flames and Karmic's, Dating 101, Self-Love 101, All About Sex, Partner VS Parent to Your Partner, Situationships VS Healthy Relationships, Manifesting in Your Favour, Healing From Daddy Wounds.

  • Monthly Collective Shadow Readings

  • Monthly Q&A Zoom Brunches

  • Membes Only Podcast Episodes 

  • Reset Magazine every month

The membership is $33.33 per month, is on an amazing platform called, Mighty Networks, and has a fully functioning app that feels like a mix between Facebook and Instagram - it's one of the best membership platforms I've ever seen, honestly. 

So if you're ready, click the button below and we'll see ya in there, boo. xo! 

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