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From relationships and heartbreaks, to self-love journeys and growth, I'm notoriously known in these author streets for writing incredibly raw, vulnerable, and vivid stories based on my own personal experiences with it all. 

Sometimes just knowing that another woman has been where you are now, and made it through, can make all the difference in the world. 

My motto is, own your truths and set yourself free -

I hope that my books inspire you to do exactly that.

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six E-BOOKS 

$45 instead of the regular $62

Letters to My Ex is the first book I ever wrote in 2015.

It's about my journey through a betrayal, pain, and heartbreak I experienced with a man years prior, and what I learned through I grew through it.

Blush is about how I learned how to take back control of my life after my heartbreak. It has more characters, scenery, and dialogue. 

Spilled Words is quote book created from pages of my journal. It's about love, pain, and growth. 

The Self-Love Bible is about how I learned to love myself the real way. 

Sis, Get Your Sh*t Together is a journal full of prompts to help you be honest with yourself and unpack your truths.

It's Personal is my most recent book, and is a collection of pieces and affirmations from my journal. After reading this book, you can never again say that you don't know what inner work is or how to do it. 

*Note - The Heartbreak Care Package are E-BOOKS and get delivered to your email address. Paperbacks are available but are sold individually (you can click here for paperbacks). 

All of my books contain adult language (I'm grown and I cuss a little lol).

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