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"Where are all the good men?!" 

"Where are all the men who take iniative?!"

"Where are all the men who are respectful?!"

If you've asked any or all of these questions a thousand times, have you ever considered asking yourself this question instead: "Where am I?" 

Emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically - where are you? Seriously.


Do you put yourself in the position to recieve the dating experiences you want to have with men?

Do you even know what recieving the type of dating experiences you want with men requires of you?

No, and no? It's okay, that's what you're here for :)

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A lot of women grew up without the guidance they needed to confidently navigate the world in general, so imagine what happens when it comes to the world of dating. Right... a hot mess.


First things first, whether you decide to join this class or not, if you resonated with the sentence above, take a deep breath and know two things:

1 - You aren't alone.

2 - You can't keep beating yourself up for not knowing how to do things that no one ever taught you how to do at all. However, what you can do is decide to take matters into your own hands and put yourself in the postion to learn.

Okay? Okay. 

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I always use "The Tool Box" as an analogy for everything because essentially, life is not about waving a magic wand and getting everything you've ever wanted in one day - and dating is no different. 

You have to build yourself up from the inside, and building of any kind requires tools, which is what this class is about: filling up your tool box so that you can Date with Confidence. 

So, that said, this is a five week group class with five modules and they are: 

  • The Woman in the Mirror

  • Self-Esteem & Limiting Beliefs About Dating 

  • Love Bombing, Dating Boundaries, Compatibility & Communication 

  • Dealing with Rejection

  • Reflections (open Q&A)

Throughout the modules we will be covering:

Settling VS Settling for Less. Identifiying what a safe man for you looks and feels like. Boundaries around your actions. Boundaries around sex. Building/creating intimacy without sex. Non-negotiables. Red, green, and yellow flags. Emotional maturity. Authentic Connection VS Anxious Attachment. Ghosting. Confronting the ego.

The power of saying, "no". The power of "Acceptance". The power of removing yourself. Building a foundation of discernment. Initiating the first move/how to talk to and with a man. Dating VS Committed Relationship. Sensual VS Sexual. Recognizing a healthy man. Accountability. Standards. Being assertive VS being aggressive. People Pleasing. Identifying wounds. Healing. Managing your triggers. 

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I know a lot of women are looking for "quick fixes" on the dating scene, but it's important to know that "quick fixes" do more harm in the long-run than good because you'll always end up back at square one.

That said, please note:

This is NOT a "how to get a man in 10 days" class. This is NOT a "how to manipulate a man into spending money on you" class.

This is NOT a "How to deal with a narcissist" class.


This class is for women who are ready to learn how to Date with Confidence by being honest with themselves, and committing to the process of learning how to put themselves in the position to have better dating experiences by adding key tools in their toolbox, then using them. 


So if that's you... then let's get it :) 


Class will be done via zoom and will be recorded, so if you sign up but can’t make it to one of the modules, it’s totally okay, everyone who signed up will get the replay sent to them via email the following evening. 

It is your responsibility to check your emails.

Seats for this five week group class are 333USD and are now open.

If you would like to use a payment plan: PayPal offers four equal payments. Look for the "Pay Later" button under the usual PayPal Checkout button when checking out.

Class starts on Thursday, January 26th at 7PM EST.

Please use Google to check what time that is in your timezone if needed.

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