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Coaches, Authors, Content Creators - hiiiiii :) 

A lot of you have dope services, books, and/or digital products and you've been on Instagram for a while trying to get them infront of people, but for some reason it's not poppin' like you want it to, or even more frustrating... it's not poppin' at all. 

Building your brand on Instagram is no easy task, but it becomes easier when you start showing up for your audience the way they need to you to. 

Walk with me...

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fromthe groundup

As you probably know by now, I am a 13x author, accountability coach, and host of the Sis, Get Your Ish Together Podcast. What you probably don't know is that I started my Instagram (TheCrimsonKiss) seven years ago, figured out how to position myself infront of an audience that wanted to read the type of books I was going to write, then wrote and self-published all 13 of my books. I had no team, no publishing house backing me, no literary agent, no social media manager, no assistant, no nada. 

I built my brand from the ground up, by myself, and turned my dream of writing books into my reality and full-time career. 

Was it easy? LOL! No.

I did a lot of crying, I felt extremely alone since no one around me was doing what I was trying to do, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way... but I allowed myself my moments, pushed through the loneliness, and used those mistakes as stepping stones (lessons) so I could continue moving forward.

Building your brand on Instagram isn't an easy task, but if you're determined the way I was (and still am), and understand that this is not an overnight proccess, then you can do this and I can teach you everything I've learned along the way.

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This will be a two day class - Monday, May with a lot of info and tutorials. Each day will be two hours and thirty minutes - sometimes we go a bit longer due to answering questions, and that's always okay with me because I want to make sure you get everything you can out of this.

I will also be auditing everyone's Instagram page before class so I can tell you exactly what you need to work on or how to make something better. (This is one of the reasons why I prefer doing group classes rather than courses - it's really hands on.)

For the reasons mentioned, there are only 12 seats available for this class at a time.

That said, here are the categories we'll be going over:

  • How to brand - identifying your voice and audience

  • How to create boundaries for yourself and your audience 

  • Your website

  • Everything Canva - how you're probably using it wrong, and how to actually use it for IG posts, stories and reels

  • How to use your stories and reels to actually sell your products and/or services

  • How to create carousels that people will actually go through

  • How to create engagment

  • The art of storytelling and how to do it (yes, you have to tell a story through your brand)

  • Captions

  • How to create an ebook for pretty much anything you want (and why you should)

  • Email lists and/or text subscriptions

There is a lot of unpacking to do for each of the categories listed above, and as you probably already know...I'm really passionate about unpacking lol.


Soooo, if you're ready to learn How to Build (or rebuild) Your Brand on Instagram then let's get it! Seats for this two day class are 333USD, click the button below to grab yours.


Note: If you cannot make it to the class on the days of, it's okay, replays of this class will be available to all those who sign up, however IG audits will only be available to those who are in class on the day of.