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Eight week interactive group class

Last Round of 2023: Sunday, August 27th at 5pm EST

Heartbreak is shitty, but being in back to back toxic relationships is even shittier - let’s just be honest here. 


These back to back toxic relationships can really leave us feeling defeated; like that’s all that is out there for us, or that’s all we can “attract”. 

I’m saying “we” because I’ve been there, felt that, and with a lot of inner work, I made it through and became a whole new woman because of it. 

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If you don't already know me, my name is Cici.B (but most people just call me, B) and I'm a 13x author and accountability coach. I'm also 38 years young (people always ask so I've gotta throw it in there lol).


For quite some time now, I’ve been working one on one with many women through accountability coaching to help them unpack, sort through their feelings, connect their dots, and have the realizations they needed in order to finally unlock and step into new versions of themselves. 

Versions of themselves who know their worth, respect their worth, have solid boundaries, and know there is more out there for them than shitty relationships, therefore, no longer accept the type of shitty men they used to in their lives. However, through my mini classes (Self-Care Saturday Nights), I realized just how many women benefit from, and thoroughly enjoy a group setting. Hearing other women's stories, seeing other women doing their work, knowing that you aren’t alone is also healing, and for this reason, I decided to take everything I teach in one on ones, and bring it all to a group coaching class. 

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The Class

There are only thirty seats available for this class, and the class is broken down into eight modules: 


  • Healing (Confronting the Woman in the Mirror)

  • Shadow Work (such an important part of inner work)

  • Understanding and Cutting Soul Ties

  • Self-Esteem and Boundaries (Getting Back to Yourself)

  • Accountability 

  • Attachment Styles

  • Navigating Dating and Relationships with Confidence

  • Reflections (A.K.A Girls Night)


Throughout the modules we will be covering:

Reframing, alchemy, understanding healing, building/rebuilding the relationship with yourself, getting/finding closure, cutting soul ties, the importance of being honest with yourself, triggers, personalized self-care, love-bombing, limiting beliefs about dating, boundaries and dating boundaries, compatability, self-worth, and personalized red, green, and yellow flags. 

There will also be a bonus module - reparenting - that will be given to you as a replay. 


The length of each module will be one hour and thirty minutes, once a week, and will include exercises (both in class work and homework).

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Inner Work

If you’re new to this inner work life, all of the above probably sounded like a lot, and I get it, trust meeeee I do. But once you start digging into it, getting the hang of it, and practicing it little by little, you’ll begin to notice how a lot of it starts to run on autopilot. 


Whenever someone asks me, “What was the turning point for you that made you decide that you were through with toxic relationships?” I always answer, “When I realized I was tired of my own bullshit.” Everything starts and ends with self. 

I could blame the shitty men I kept getting with over and over again, and for the rest of my life if we’re being honest -  but how exactly would that help me do better for myself and stop gravitating toward them? Stop choosing them? Stop staying with them after they showed me who they were? 

The answer is: it wouldn’t. 

Getting through a toxic relationship was only the surface, if I wanted to be done with toxic relationships all together, I had to face, then heal the toxic relationship I had with myself, which meant: DECENTERING MEN to RECENTER MYSELF - and that's what you've gotta do too, mama.

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You Ready?

So, all of that said, this eight week class is only going to be for you if: 

you're ready to do your work, face your own wounds and roots, and are willing to commit to your growth - even when you’re coming face to face with things about yourself that might make you a little uncomfortable. 

Will this work be easy? Probably not. 

Will this work be worth it? Working on yourself is always worth it.


Class will be done via zoom and will be recorded, so if you sign up but can’t make it to one of the modules, it’s totally okay, everyone who signed up will get the replay sent to them via email the following day. 

Seats for this eight week group class are 555USD and are now open.

Class starts again on Sunday, August 27th, at 5pm EST.

Important Heads Up: The No More Toxic Relationships Group Class is only available 4 times a year. This is the last round for 2023. 


If you made it this far and you’re ready, click the button below. 

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