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By now you know Cici.B for her unapologetic transparency as she takes readers with her through raw emotions, thoughts, and realizations about the relationships she's had with men, and the different versions of herself she's met along her journey of healing, accountabilty, growth, and self-love.

You know a Cici.B piece when you read one - blunt enough to cause powerful waves of reality checks to ripple throughout your body, but pure enough to cleanse, revive, and rejuvenate you, if you allow it. 

It's Personal, is a collection of pieces and affirmations from her personal journal, for women, both young and seasoned, to use as reminders through your own healing, self-love, and accountability journey...

or as the mirror you might need to get you started.

Reading each line, you can see Cici through her stories, but if you also read between the lines, you might just find yourself in yours.

After reading or listening to this book, you can never again say that you don't know what inner work is, or how to do it, because after reading or listening to this book, you'll know...


It's Personal.