Frequently asked


Cici, which of your books are best for...?

Please note this is a general guideline. Grab the book(s) that best suit your situation. xoxo If you want do some guided inner work using journal prompts: Sis, Get Your Shit Together: Journal Promots & Quotes (Books 1&2) If you were cheated on/betrayed, etc... Letters to My Ex Going through or trying to get over any type of general heartbreak: Spilled Words, Girl Power, Big Sis Talks, Blush, The Self-Love Bible, Lost and Found If you've just gotten out of your toxic relationship, and trying to find your balance again: Blush, The Self-Love Bible Struggling with self-love: The Self-Love Bible: How I Learned to Love Myself In the mood to read a story that involves great friends, a great man, and self-love: Blush In need of some unfiltered/tough love pep talks: Big Sis Talks If you love quotes: Spilled Words, Girl Power, Big Sis Talks The blueprint to building your author brand on Instagram: How I Built my Author Brand on Instagram

Do you give one on one advice in your DM's or by email?

No, I do not.

Which order should I read your books in?

My books can be read in any order, however, Letters to My Ex is the first book I ever wrote, and Blush is its follow up.

How do your E-Books and AudioBooks work?

You do NOT need a kindle in order to get my E-Books and AudioBooks, nor do you need to live in a specific part of the world. E-Books and AudioBooks are sent to the email address you provide at checkout, so please make sure you enter your email address correctly and that it is an email address that is active, otherwise, your order will bounce and you won't recieve your E-Book/AudioBook. Sometimes email orders accidentally slip into junk/spam mail, so if you don't see it in your primary inbox, check there :) Please understand that due to the fact that E-Books and AudioBooks are sent to your email upon purchase, there are NO refunds or exchanges (one cannot give an email back.) Please also note that I do not check my DM's on a regular basis + there are a lot of them, therefore, they are NOT ideal for customer service. Should you have other questions and/or concerns regarding the E-Books/AudioBooks after your purchase, DO NOT send a DM. Instead, kindly send an email to , include your full name and order number or email address you used at checkout, and please allow two business days for a response. Much love, B

How can I listen to your Podcast?

My podcast can be heard through my memebership only. Click here for a preview.

Why are your Care Packages only available for E-Books?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow us to bundle our paperbacks. I have no clue why, and trust meeee, I wish they did. Hopefully in the future they get around to changing that, but until then... I've got E-Book Bundle Deals. Where there's a will, there's way! ;)

Do you ship to....?

Paperbacks are shipped by Amazon. The link attached to each book on my "All Books" page is to If you do not live in the U.S, simply head over to the Amazon url that is for your country and you can purchase the paperbacks there. Example: , . (both examples are clickable links)