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Journal 1: This journal is part 1 of 2.

The focus is primarily all about yourself - seeing yourself and how you operate clearly, people-pleasing, boundaries, self-forgiveness, insecurites, triggers, etc.

If you're familiar with any of my books, then you know that I've been through a lot, I've put myself through a lot, and writing the truth about the good, bad, and everything in-between is ultimately what helped me navigate through my emotions, confront myself, heal, and grow.

I put together this journal based on some of the entries from my own past journals that really helped me see things clearly back then; they forced me to get my sh*t together. If you’re ready to face yourself, and be really honest with yourself, maybe the prompts in this journal can help you to get your sh*t together, too.


Sis, Get Your Sh*t Together - Journal 1


Hey, boo! My E-Books are priced in USD and are PDF versions that are sent to your email address. This journal is a PDF VERSION - that said, unless your device SUPPORTS writing on PDF'S, you will have to either re-write the prompts in your own personal journal, or you can print these pages.

The link for the paperback version will take you to Amazon U.S.

If you live elsewhere in the world (Canada, the U.K, etc.) simply head to your countries Amazon. Much love, and happy journaling. xo

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