The contact email is managed by my lovely assistant, Reina, and is for the following matters ONLY: 


E-book or Audiobook related issues.

Class assistance/questions.

Ad/Promo inquiries and prices.

Coaching sessions matters.

Prior to sending an email, please make sure that your question hasn't already been answered on the home page


"Which book is best for?" - full descriptions for each of my books is written along side each book on the ALL BOOKS page.

NOTE FOR E-BOOKS AND AUDIOBOOKS: As stated in the terms and conditions on the checkout page, and once more in the email you recieved with your link it after purchase, I am not responsible for lost or deleted links (E-Books and Audiobooks). If you've lost, or deleted the email you received with your link in it, you will have to make your purchase again. 

There are also no exhanges/swaps - this is also stated in the terms and conditions on the checkout page. 

Please DO NOT email for relationship, dating, love, or book writing advice of any kind as your email will be disregarded. Instead, you can click here and schedule an Ask B Advice Call with me.


Please also note if you would like me to be on your podcast, I do have a fee. Please include all of your details in your email. 


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