With the exception of "How I Built my Author brand on Instagram", all of my books are available in paperback and E-book versions, while only Letters to My Ex, Blush and Big Sis Talks are available for Audiobook for the time being. Note: You do not need a Kindle in order to receive and read my E-Books, all you need is an email address that works.  Also, all Audiobooks are narrated by me.

Cici. B's debut novel, Letters To My Ex, is a collection of letters written to a past love over a three year period of time that was never sent to him---but they are far from your typical love letters. If you are looking for a politically correct story, one with words that float on sugar-coated clouds as the sun sets, this story isn't for you. Heartbroken and confused, Cici. B pours her unfiltered emotions onto the pages. This isn't a "light read" or a "how to guide". It is raw, vulnerable and vivid. These letters tell the story of a woman who gave her all to a man, was broken, her journey of discovery, and self-healing. This novel is for all of the women who have given their everything to the wrong man, because sometimes, just knowing that someone has experienced and survived the same pain as you, can make all the difference in the world.

Cici.B is known for her amazing ability to make readers feel like they are walking beside her with every page that they turn, and this book is another testament to that. Fresh out of an intense break-up, and with her three closest friends by her side, Cici brings you with her as she learns what it means to take back control of her life, and to be her own woman. Completely raw and unfiltered, as always, she doesn't hold back. This is a story for the modern day grown woman. It will make you smile, laugh out loud, hold your breath, bite your bottom lip, and most importantly... Blush

Every so often, we come across a unique author with the special ability to make us relate on a personal level, teach us life lessons, and entertain us with their perspectives and stories. That author is Cici. B. Known very well for her previous two books, "Letters To My Ex" and "Blush", her latest offering, Lost And Found, a collection of short stories and quotes, seamlessly merges light and funny with deeply emotional and thought provoking. Each story and quote unlike the last, Cici. B leaves herself exposed and vulnerable all the while challenging her readers to think and feel. Girls and women alike, from all walks of life, will find meaning in her words. It's been said that not all who wander are lost. But all who are Lost can be Found...

Author of "Letters To My Ex", "Blush" and "Lost And Found:The Book Of Short Stories". In Spilled Words, the newest addition to Cici. B's growing list of raw and profound written works, she delivers a filterless snapshot of her love, pain, growth and resolve. Her trademark wittiness seamlessly blends with a familiar approach yet entirely new format to her writing. It is a story unlike any other in that it is made up entirely of quotes, but still somehow paints a beautiful and complete picture. If actions speak louder than words, her latest piece shows that she not only lives and breathes her words, she bleeds them, and spills them unapologetically onto the page.

Last year, Cici.B delivered Spilled Words: The Crimson Kiss Quote Collection. A filterless snapshot of her love, pain, growth and resolve. A story unlike any other in that it is made up entirely of quotes, but somehow paints a beautiful and complete picture. This year, and by popular demand, she brings to you Girl Power: The Crimson Kiss Quote Collection ll. A book that will undoubtedly remind every girl, every woman of the power they hold within. Other books by Cici.B, include: Letters To My Ex, Blush, Lost And Found: The Book of Short Stories, and 12:02AM: Exploring B.

The journey to learning how to love yourself isn’t a glamorous one, but anyone who’s been brave enough to travel the road will tell you—the bumps and bruises are worth it. Known for her raw, vulnerable and vivid style of writing, Cici.B takes you down the dark and broken road that she had to travel in order to fix, heal… and love herself.

Big Sisters may be the ones who drive us crazy sometimes, but they are also often the ones who give us the best advice, and tell us what we need to hear instead of only want we want to hear. In Cici.B's latest book, Bis Sis Talks: The Crimson Kiss Quote Collection III, in the same transparent and provocative style of writing that she is known for, Cici.B shows us that just because the women that come into our lives aren't related by blood, doesn't mean they can't take on the role of a Big Sis.

In 12:02AM: Exploring B, Cici. B sensually opens herself up to her audience in a way she never previously has. She leaves no stone unturned as she creatively, methodically and erotically welcomes her readers into a world of pleasure, desire and sexuality. In this book, her wants, needs and perspective on sex and intimacy are revealed for all to see. 12:02AM artfully and seductively depicts what can happen just a couple of minutes after the clock strikes twelve.

If you're an author or aspiring author who wants to learn how to market your book/future book on Instagram... then this is for you. In this E-Book, I literally break down everything I did, and how I used nothing but Instagram to achieve the success I have today. This is the blueprint. 



Cici.B is an author from Montreal, Quebec (Canada).

From relationships and heartbreaks, to self-love journeys and growth, she is notoriously known for writing incredibly raw, vulnerable and vivid stories based on her own personal experiences with it all. Sometimes, just knowing that another woman has been where you are, and made it through, can make all of the difference in the world... and that's why she writes so openly about her own life.

Her Motto: Own your truths and set yourself free.



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