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Frequently Asked Question: "Which order should I read the books in?" 

Answer: In the order that you see them below from left to right. For the journals, I strongly recommend starting with the one with the girl on the cover (it's all about self), then moving on to the one with the camera on the cover (that's for you in/getting out of toxic relationships A.K.A struggle-love.)

Frequently Asked Question: "Can I gift the e-Book versions of your books to a friend?"

Answer: Yes, absolutely! All you need is their email address (please make sure it's an email that works), and at checkout click "yes" next to the line that asks "Is this order a gift?" Just be sure to enter their email address correctly. 

Frequently Asked Question: "Do you have any bundle deals?"

Answer: Yes! But only for the E-Book versions of my books. You can click here to find them.

Frequently Asked Question: "Are your books about your life?"

Answer: Yes, all of my books are stories about things I've been through, put myself through, and have overcome in my own life.

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