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Whether you have digital products, physical products, or a service...
this class will teach you how to market and sell them.

If you’re familiar with me already or you’ve already read my E-Book, “How I Built My Author Brand on Instagram” then you know what my journey has been to get to where I am now. If you’re not familiar with me already, allow me to introduce myself :) 


My name is Cici.B (most people just call me, B), and I am a 12x self-published author and have been on the Instagram platform as a writer since 2015-ish. 

I began publishing my books in 2016 and was able to quit my then job to be a full-time, financially free author - and yes, I did it all by using Instagram as my market place. 


Six years and many, many steep, frustrating learning curves later, here I am still going very strong. So trust me when I say that my experience in these IG streets runs deep.


Instagram is a really interesting place (that’s the word I’m going to use for now - interesting lol) and learning how to navigate it from an entrepreneur position can be really frustrating and even discouraging - especially when you are doing it on your own. 


I know first hand how much of a struggle trying to figure out how to sell your products on Instagram can be - trust me. It’s like, “Okay, I know what I want to sell, but I don’t know exactly how to sell it. Where do I start?” 


Or, “Okay, I have a bit of an audience already, but they don’t even engage with my products or services - let alone buy them. What am I doing wrong?” 


There is so much to keep up with.


Should I use hashtags or not? Reels or carousels? IG TV or regular videos? How do I even create them? How many times should I post? What do I put in my story? How do I use stickers for engagement? Do I need a website? Can’t I just use Linktree? How can I keep up with the algorithms? SEND HELP NOW.


Lol, I feel ya, and I’m definitely here to help.


I've broken this class up into ten chapters, and they are: 


Chapter 1 will be all about Canva - literally all about it- and how to use it to make IG posts, stories, reels, videos and merch, E-book covers, and covers for physical books. 


Chapter 2 will be all about an app I mentioned in the E-Book: Phonto and how to use it for your IG posts. 


Chapter 3 will be all about PicsArt (which is one of my favorite apps) and how to use it for your IG posts. 


Chapter 4 will be about Twitter and why it works for Instagram. 


Chapter 5 will be all about a website called PlaceIt and how to use it to make mockups for virtually everything. 


Chapter 6 will be about alternatives to Linktree and the absolute importance of having a landing page for your clients to go to, and how to make that landing page as clear as possible. 


Chapter 7 will be all about SendOwl for your digital products - how to use it and how to price your products, how to set up your checkout page, how to add discount codes. Side note, you can also use SendOwl for physical products, too. I’ll show you that as well.


Chapter 8 will be all about email lists and text subscriptions and the importance of having either or.


Chapter 9 will be all about memberships 


Chapter 10 will be all about the built in tools on Instagram such as:

How to use stickers, Q&A’s, Automated responses for DM’s, Automated Q&A’s for DM’s.



How to use Instagram stories to get more sales, how to boost your engagement, how to create authentic calls-to-action, how to deal with disgruntled folks (because trust me... they will come), how to do an IG Live to actually connect with your audience, different ways to do advertising, and how to re-use almost every piece of content you ever make.


This class is 3 hours and there are only 15 seats available per class - this way everyone gets to ask all the questions they want and I can audit everyone's Instagram in real-time. 

Sooo... click the orange button below to grab your seat and I'll see ya in there! 

Class in Session!

Seats are 129 USD 

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